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Our favorite Turkish flavours.

You can find a great variety of mouth watering dishes in Turkish cuisine, which is mostly the heritage of Ottoman cuisine. It is the mixture and refinement of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines




(pronounced Girlbashi) delightful and charming family-run restaurant near Dalyan on a small river where you can watch the terrapins sunbathing, ducks swimming and chickens and other wildlife strutting their stuff. The main family members are Ali and Arrif.

The food is simple; we love the meze with ‘village bread’ which is a meal in itself but you can also have grilled meat with fresh salads and vegetables.

This is also known as the pomegranate restaurant, where in season, they serve fresh pomegranate juice which is divine. Even out of season you should order a glass as they freeze gallons of it. It is called ‘nar’.


The drive to Golbasi is stunning but allow about 40 minutes; you will pass little villages, farmland, woodland, and drive round a stunning lake. At the junction you can turn left for Iztuzu the turtle beach which is a wonderful spot for a swim! But turn right for the restaurant. If you are driving back from Golbasi after dark it is better to stay on the main road into Dalyan driving with the restaurant on your left and take the shorter more direct route back


Breeze and Q Lounge in Göcek.



One of the scenic and most romantic spots to eat is called The Breeze, at the far end of the resort walking left with the sea on your right. We had a lovely meal and wine. Expect Turkish and International cuisine including Sushi here.






There is also another lovely (but expensive!) restaurant above Breeze call the Q Lounge. It has amazing views over the bay and serves lovely cocktails and Japanese food (Expect London prices which is very unusual for Turkey)