Sarigerme is in the South West corner of Turkey. We call it the friendly corner since Turkey shares its Eastern border with Syria, Iran and Iraq which aren’t proving the kind of neighbours some of us would want!

We are where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean in a rural, mountainous paradise which so far remains mostly unspoiled and is populated by warm, friendly people.


Our tiny resort of eight apartments shares use of a communal pool, barbecue and gardens and a tennis court. Some owners rent out their apartments but the majority do not.

Above us are privately- owned villas in a complex ‘laughingly’ called The Royal Links (nothing remotely royal about them and no sign of a golf course – but we live in hope!).

They are completely separate from our resort and while we are friendly with the owners and their guests, they are not permitted to use our facilities.

We have had problems with people coming down to use our pool as we get the sun for longer but there is a sign on the wall in front of the tennis court clearly stating that these are private apartments. So feel free to tell invaders to bugger off!

We are also about 30 minutes from the historic town of Dalyan with its Lycian tombs carved into the rock, the picturesque marina of Gocek and the large seaside resort of Fethiye.

We always hire a car when we come here particularly during the summer months when it can be very hot walking around. But there are plenty of taxis (there is a rank just up the road in fact if you turn right outside of the apartment) and ‘dolmushes’ buses which will stop for you if you flag them down.


Looking out over the swimming pool is a reed bed with a river running through it. You will hear the frogs at certain times of the year and if you choose to take a stroll during the cool of the evening; you can access the path down to the river just before the bridge. We must warn you though that wild boar also live in the reeds so beware if you are venturing after dark and make sure you have good footwear and a torch in case you have to leg it.

The other wildlife to look out for are the storks which nest on top of the pylons; they come to breed during the summer and their nests are easy to spot. Look out too for the odd cow, goat, flock of sheep and wild tortoises.

You will see that we are surrounded by lush mountainous countryside, but we are also close to a seven-kilometre sandy beach which is part of a national park. Turn right at the bottom of the road and follow it as far as you can go. There is a car park and a small charge to enter the beach.